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Miss Charm Logo with a proudly standing symbol of woman. Her hands lift the crown which is specially shaped like a book which contains knowledge to pervasive, give prominence to increasing the responsibility and devote herself to the mission of Miss Charm.
The way the crown is lifted, it could be an image of reigning Miss rising a prestigious crown, a beauty queen preparing to wear a crown on top, or that is an act of crowing the next winner.
The bottom shape of the dress like a five-pointed star to create a sense of convergence and spread. It symbolizes that the beauty representatives from five continents will get together in Miss Charm.
The dress is like swirling together to express the meaning that even you are from anywhere in the world, if you come to Miss Charm, we will be a unity to accomplish the goal that we will spread the beauty of appearance and soul, the beauty of knowledge and attraction. Especially, the pageant’s mission is to promote culture, tourism and education.
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