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[OFFICIAL] Osmel Sousa and Mireia Lalaguna become official MISS CHARM 2020 judges!

Two of the judges of Miss Charm 2020 have been officially annouced, as if you are a beauty fan, surely you have heard about these two. They are Osmel Sousa and Mireia Lalaguna – Miss World 2015.

Osmel Sousa

Osmel Ricardo Lázaro Cipriano Sousa Mansilla (also known as Osmel Sousa) is a beauty pageant entrepreneur, former resident of the Miss Venezuela Organization and now is resident of Miss Argentina Organization. He has been called ” The Caesar of Beauty” for his significant distribution in producing Venezuela beauty Queens. Under his force, number of Miss Veneuela who go on to become Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth.

Mireia Lalaguna

Mireia Lalaguna is a Spanish actress, model and beauty queen who crowned Miss World Spain 2015 and Miss World in the same year.

She obtained a degree in pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark

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