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The MISS CHARM contest was founded and initiated by the company Miss Charm International.

MISS CHARM is an event that emphasizes the beauty of the soul, the intelligence, the talents and the body image of women all over the world. The pageant also aims to promote the people, the land, the cuisine and the tourism of each represented country. More specifically, MISS CHARM 2020’s appeal lies in practical and cultural activities carefully elaborated by our organising team, aimed at advocating for tourism and education.

The first edition of MISS CHARM will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from January 3rd to 20th, 2020. The unprecedented contest originates from MISS CHARM INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, with the precious help of partners such as Elite Vietnam Company.

With the participation of around 40-50 beauty queens from all corners of the globe, MISS CHARM 2020 promises to be an exciting and tasteful arena, in which each contestant will have the chance to unleash their true potential and grab the attention of the world’s beauty contest enthusiasts.


To celebrate the contest’s first edition, we will bring contestants and fans from all over the world the most interesting and exciting activities.

All contestants will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on January 3rd-4th, 2020. Then, the contestants will take part in an official press conference on January 5th, 2020 to announce the official start of Miss Charm International 2020 to both Vietnamese and foreign media outlets. The press Conference will will be held at a 5-star standard convention centre in the presence of special guests.

On the evening of the same day (January 5th, 2020), the contestants will be invited to attend the welcoming party prepared by MISS CHARM INTERNATIONAL 2020, where they will be greeted solemnly and receive the warmest welcome from the contest’s organizing committee.

In the following days (from January 6-10, 2020), contestants will get to participate in various cultural activities in the host country. In addition, they will compete in a professional setting in several categories such as Fashion Show, Talent Show, Performance in the traditional costumes of the host country and National costume of the contestants. The Bikini show is also always a very heated and anticipated part of the event.

On January 11, contestants will take part in a live interview with the judges. In the evening, all contestants will make a grand appearance at the Gala night, a fundraising charity event.

After that, on January 12-13, contestants will focus on training to prepare for the dazzling final night that will be held on January 14, in hopes of winning the most prestigious title of MISS CHARM 2020.

The finals will take place on a grand stage with modern lighting and sound, and many of the most advanced stage effects today. The whole event will be staged by talented directors with the support of renowned artists, both internationally and locally.

Contestants will then face selections based on their scores from interviews, activities and preliminary rounds. First, the top 15 contestants will be selected, then the top 10 and top 5 contestants will be chosen. From there, Miss Charm and 2 runners-up will be selected fairly by the judges according to Miss Charm’s own criteria.

In addition, the following special awards will be given out by MISS CHARM:

1. Best Social Media

2. Best in Swimsuit

3. Best in Evening Gown

4. Best National Costume

5. People’s Choice

(*) Above are the events scheduled to take place during MISS CHARM 2020.


Schedule of activities for MISS CHARM 2020

Above is the schedule for MISS CHARM 2020. It may be subject to change based on how events will unfold and will be promptly updated by the organisers if need be.


Vietnam- hidden charm. From the favors of nature, Vietnam is well-known as an attractive tourist destination, cuisine, and culture among international friends. Wonders of S-sharped country make peace in our soul and love life magically. Do not stop here, the more we explore about Vietnam the more we feel interested in people and culture here which is very enjoyable and lively.

Through many decades, Vietnam still cause nostalgic with the image of Hanoi Old Quarter, sedimentary place of the ancient capital of a glorious civilization, a muse surrounded by cloud- Sapa with 4 distinct seasons; an ancient capital of Hue with Huong river flows calmly, full of dreaming. A fresh and energetic Da Nang…

We can say every sites, lands which is associated with culture, specific food had made up an exclusive imbued with national identity. All together have created a unique feature of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh city- the most fiercely developed city in Vietnam which named economic and cultural center of Vietnam will be the destination of Miss Charm International 2020.

Many years go by, Saigon- once used to be called by the glorious name “Pearl of the Orient” or now is Ho Chi Minh City still continuous changing its appearance. The city’s dynamism and hustle will reminisce your euphoria as well as awake your enthusiasm. Not only you can discover many remarkable culture, historic places, Saigon also a city for you to experience the diversity of domestic and international culinary, high-class cultural and entertainment events.

Even in Ho Chi Minh City or anywhere in Vietnam, people can meet the citizen with friendly smile and eyes on their face. These things may impressed and stay alive in anyone soul when they come Vietnam in general or Ho Chi Minh City in particular.


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