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Miss Charm is a newly launched and organized pageant to promote Culture, Tourism, and Education, which has received a lot of support from the international beauty community, especially the trust and support of partners in the country with the participation of contestants representing the beauty of nations around the world. It is a great honor and pride in our journey to create a meaningful pageant and spread the true value of Beauty. Unfortunately, according to the latest report from the WHO, the situation of the pandemic is extremely complicated, the second outbreak is increasingly more severe, and for the time being, we haven’t found a vaccine to treat it yet. Along with that, the opening and entry policies for international visitors of the countries are still limited to prevent the spread, so the routes are still not able to operate normally. The most important and highest priority is the guarantee of health safety, psychological comfort, and responsibility to the community and society. Despite suffering a lot of damage and have fully prepared for the organization, Miss Charm Organizing Committee decided to make the following announcement: The Miss Charm 2020 pageant has been postponed until October 2021. This was an extremely difficult decision, but we considered different aspects to make this decision. We understand everyone’s expectation of Miss Charm 2020, everyone’s expectation will motivate us when we move forward to 2021 with “Double Mission”, double beliefs, responsibility and hope.No matter how arduous the road is, we hope everyone will continue to accompany Miss Charm. Miss Charm would like to thank all the efforts, training, and preparation of Miss Charm 2020 contestants! We wish you to continue to be the most beautiful blooming flowers to radiate fragrance, beauty, wisdom, and kindness in this life. With this announcement, we officially announce the launch of Miss Charm 2021 in Vietnam. Let’s go together, Miss Charm’s journey continues because we have you!

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